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Sait-on combien de jours passe un pot de creme en rayon avant d'etre achete? Parfois plus de 365... Cette jeune marque fabrique ses produits a la demande. Pleins de vitamines, d'antioxydants et de vegetaux, ils sont dates sur le pot, 100% bio, pas trop chers et livres a domicile.

Do you know how long a skin care spend on the shelves before you buy it? Sometimes more than 365 days... This start-up produces on demand. Full of vitamins, antioxidants and natural phytonutrients. Each product is dated on the jar, 100% organic, not too expensive and directly shipped to your door

It's no secret that skin care products become less effective and even unhygienic with age, yet few companies emphasize the freshness of their merchandise. Los Angeles-based Odacite, however, places manufacturing dates at the forefront of its business, producing freshly-made organic skin care products and leaving out preservatives.

Going against the common practice of letting tubes and jars sit on store shelves, Odacité products are only sold online and made in small batches so they can be shipped to customers immediately.

The products come straight to your door complete with mini fridge and expiration dates.
To guarantee you’re fresh faced.
The line eschews the icky components normally found in beauty products in favor of organic ingredients — meaning there’s no formaldehyde, phthalates, or other stuff you can’t spell.

This TV show was aired in August on Direct 8, a French national TV network. Céline Gerbier decided to invite a panel of specialists and journalists to talk about Organic Skincare ("Bio") in general and the disruptive Odacite system in particular. In a few minutes, you will get the key points of Odacité.

Ideal Bite: Why French Women Don't Get Wrinkles

I've been using the exfoliating face wash, rose water spray, and day and night creams all weekend, and I used the masque once. So far, so spoiled - the products feel alive on my face and smell lovely without being overly fragrant. Odacité is made with organic ingredients, sans the bad junk (parabens, petrochems, etc.) [...] You can also buy this mini fridge for you bathroom if you want to keep your products extra fresh and cool, [...]
To boot, the MO of the line is all about women taking time out to pamper ourselves to feel beautiful, and the packaging has inspiring words on it like "Harmony" or "Imagination" (I'm a sucker for those yogi-esque kinda things).

by Molly Roemer, LA Editor

Beyond Beauty Magazine: Odacité,organic,seasonal skincare

“Freshly made” and sent directly from the lab to the customer’s home, Odacité products are offered in small amounts to promote freshness, with the use-by date to guarantee the effectiveness of active ingredients and the promise of reformulation the following season, to benefit from the latest repairing actives.

by Sabine Chabbert, Editor-in-Chief

Direct Matin: Du Bio Pour la Peau; "Organic for the Skin"
Odacité is the first skincare brand blending ultra-fresh non toxique products . The products are manufactured on demand and directly sent to the customers, it never sits on shelves.
People in California love it and French people already started to order online, and as the founders are French, they propose free shipping over here.

Odacité est la première marque de soins de la peau 100 % non toxique et ultra-fraîche . En effet, les produits sont fabriqués à la demande et directement envoyés aux clients, s ans
jamais être stockés.
Les Californiens en raffolent et la France commence déjà à commander sur ce site internet, d’autant que, clin d’oeil des fondateurs, la société a décidé de ne pas faire payer de frais de port pour les Français !

The spanking-new Odacité skin-care line includes a familiar list of products — cleanser, moisturizer, serum, masque, body lotion, eye cream, exfoliant — plus a couple that are a bit unusual (paper-thin facial sponges, a purse atomizer that comes with a tiny funnel for filling it with Rose Floral Water) and one beauty product we’ve never come across before: a mini fridge.
Valerie Grandury created Odacité (a play on “audacity”) with the philosophy, “I won’t put anything on my skin that I wouldn’t eat.” That means no parabens, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, fragrance, etc. Instead, the products rely on natural ingredients like aloe vera, lavender, olive oil, and green and white tea. And to make sure those ingredients retain their effectiveness in fighting oxidation and inflammation — the two processes that accelerate aging — the products are made in s mall batches and shipped directly from the lab to customers

Austere Chic: Odacité: New Fresh Organic Skincare

Odacité is the brainchild of Valerie Grandury who has spent the last 5 years tweaking the line to perfection. Below is the philosophy behind this exceptionally 'fresh' new product line - made here in Los Angeles.

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